3 Things You May Not Know Your Pharmacy Can Do For You As A Parent Of Small Children

18 June 2019
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When you have a small child in the house who has to take medication, it is best to get to know your preferred pharmacist almost as well as your pediatrician. You may actually end up seeing the pharmacist on a more frequent basis if your child has ongoing medication needs. Most parents have no idea just how many services their local pharmacy or drug store typically has to offer that can make being a parent of a small child much easier when they need medication. Here's a look at a few services you should know about. 

They may offer customizable flavorings for liquid medications. 

One of the biggest downfalls of having to give a child medicine is if it does not taste good to them, they will fuss, maybe gag, and possibly refuse to take the medicine altogether. If your child is having problems with the flavor of their prescription medicine, talk to your pharmacist. They will likely offer custom flavorings for certain types of liquid medicines. For instance, if your child despises the grape flavor of the cough syrup they usually get, your pharmacist may be able to mix the same medication with a bubblegum flavor instead. 

They may offer custom-formulated liquid vitamins for sensitive children. 

Having your child take a daily vitamin is a good thing to make sure they are getting everything they need. However, some children may have certain vitamin ingredients that they are sensitive to or cannot have. Plus, some children do not do well with vitamins in chewable form. Most pharmacies offer a range of liquid vitamins to customers, and they can even create custom formulations of vitamins with specific ingredients for children. This makes it possible for you to get a vitamin supplement your child will take in liquid form that has exactly what it needs and nothing you do not want to give your child. 

They may offer special pre-measured dosing packages or containers. 

As a busy parent, it can be a little nerve-racking to give a child their medicines every day, and sometimes it is easy to forget whether your child has taken their medication or not. Your pharmacy can help you by splitting up a full prescription into doses by the day for your convenience. For instance, if your child takes a liquid medication daily, they may be able to split the prescription up into individual vials that are pre-measured and ready for your child to take. 

For more information, contact a local pharmacy.