How You Can Afford A Stair Lift For Your Home

18 July 2019
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If you or a loved one is in need of home stair lifts, you might find that you are starting to worry about the cost of them. Sadly, not many insurance companies are willing to pay for the purchase and installation cost of the stair lifts. Even though they are imperative for those who are aging or suffer from physical limitations, insurance companies are not usually the ones to turn to for help with this. For those who are worried that they cannot afford to buy the stair lifts on their own, at the regular purchase price, the following tips may come in handy.

Apply For Credit Through The Medical Supply Company 

There are a lot of medical supply companies that not only sell the stair lifts, but they have credit programs for those who cannot afford to pay for a stair lift in full and in cash. Sure, you will need to have decent credit to qualify and you might want to try to come up with some type of down payment. This way, you may not have to finance the entire cost of the stair lift, possibly making it easy for the finance company to approve you. If it helps, you might want to see if your spouse or one of your adult children would be able to co-sign for you.

Look For A Used Stair Lift

A good way to find used stair lifts is by searching for local estate auctions. Many times, when a family member passes away, their personal belongings may be auctioned off in order to cover some of the debts, the cost of the funeral, or to give the heirs a financial inheritance. If the person that passed away was older or they had a physical disability, they might have had a stair lift in their home. Make sure that you are able to try it out first to see if it works properly and then get ready to place your bid. Since it is not likely that everyone there wants a stair lift, you might be able to win it for a fraction of the price of buying a new one.

All you need to do is go ahead and start making use of the previously mentioned tips. The sooner you start looking for the various options that might be available to you, the sooner you will be able to reach the top floor of your home without struggling too much or having to worry about falling down the stairs. You can start your search for the types of stair lifts that you are interested in, as this can help you prepare for when it is time to officially make a selection regarding which stair lift will be installed in your home.